Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Signs of Spring

Finally, finally, finally, after what seems like an endless winter, the signs of spring are slowly showing its presence.  Love the longer days and hearing the chirping birds.  Oh how I have missed you spring.

Hunter's tree that we planted before he was born.  Hard to believe he's 16 now and getting his license and day!!!

 Murphy loves the warmer weather too.  She loves to be outside, running and playing.  She is one fast puppy.

Every year the third grade celebrates colonial history week in our town.  I can't believe he's my last of four to wear the colonial attire.

Murphy sits by this window all day long, hoping someone will take her out.  Lol!

Finley headed to the last school dance of the year.  He was so excited to go with his "friend" Meri.  The boy has his first real crush.  So cute!

Uncle Freddy's Wedding!

Look who is dressed and ready for the big day.
We had a great time celebrating my brother and his new wife, Pam, in April.  They got married on a beautiful sunny day in Maine.  We were all their to celebrate their big day including Murphy! :)

Life Lately. . .



Growing pup, growing kids.  Wish they all would stop growing so fast and time could move a little slower!
Murphy has been fitting into our family nicely.  She is such a sweet little nugget.  We are having so much fun with her.